Jewelry, paintings, objets d'art

jeudi 14 décembre 2023 14:00
Castor Hara , 25, rue Le Peletier 75009 Paris
Sale information

VOLUNTARY SALES CONDITIONS The sale will be made expressly in cash and prices are expressed in euros (€) The successful bidder will be required to pay 29% VAT in addition to the amount bid.

For bidders bidding on the website (drouot live), an additional fee of 1.5% ex VAT, i.e. 1.80% inc VAT, will be charged to the buyer.




65 avenue Jean MEROZ 93120 LA COURNEUVE )

Then by appointment from January 8

Once the auction has been announced, the buyer takes full responsibility for the items. Buyers are advised to collect their lots as soon as possible, to avoid incurring handling and storage costs. The return of lots to the Auction House is a convenience for customers, and does not engage the Auctioneer's responsibility in any way whatsoever. In the event of payment by cheque, the delivery of items may be deferred until the cheque has been cashed. No lot will be delivered to the buyer until full payment has been received. Payment in cash up to a maximum of €1,000, or €15,000 if the buyer can prove that he/she is not domiciled in France for tax purposes. In the event of a dispute at the time of the auction, i.e. if it is established that two or more bidders have simultaneously placed an equivalent bid and are claiming the item after the word "adjugé" has been pronounced, the said item will be reoffered for sale at the price proposed by the bidders, and all members of the public present will be admitted to bid again. In the event of non-payment, the item may be re-auctioned on the basis of irresponsible bidding, immediately or at the first opportunity. The order of the catalog will be followed, although the auctioneer reserves the right to combine or divide lots. The information appearing in the catalog is drawn up by Svv Castor Hara and the expert, who assists it if necessary, with all the diligence required by a Svv de meubles aux enchères publiques, subject to the notifications, declarations, rectifications, announced at the time of the presentation of the item and recorded in the minutes of the sale. This information, including the dimensions given in the catalog, is provided to facilitate the inspection of the potential buyer and remains subject to his personal appreciation.

The proportions and colors of works shown in the catalog may vary due to the printing process. The absence of any indication of restoration, accidents, retouching or any other incident in the catalog, on condition reports or labels, or in a verbal announcement, in no way implies that an item is free of defects. In addition, re-covering, parqueting or doubling or any other conservation measures are not reported.

In the event of disputes concerning the authenticity or origin of items sold, Svv Castor Hara is bound by an obligation of best endeavours; it can only be held liable if it can be shown to be personally at fault. Information concerning the property is based on the state of knowledge at the date of sale, and Svv Castor Hara cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions. We therefore invite buyers to judge for themselves, or with the assistance of an expert they deem competent, the quality of the works presented for sale. This will be done during the public exhibitions. The export of any item outside France may be subject to obtaining an export permit, whether to a member state or outside the European Union. It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain an export permit. The fact that a required export authorization is refused or delayed shall not justify cancellation of the sale, nor any delay in payment of the total amount due. The Maison de Ventes executes the purchase orders entrusted to it free of charge. They are a facility for customers. La Maison de Ventes is not liable for failing to execute an order by mistake or for any other reason. In the event of two identical purchase orders, the oldest order will be given preference. In the event of bids in the room for an amount equivalent to a purchase order, the bidder present will have priority. Telephone bids are accepted for lots estimated at over €1,000.

Sales conditions